Business Interruption:
Reimburses the insured for lost profit during the period that the insured’s business is closed whilst their premises are restored due to property damage from a named peril, such as, a fire. Also provides cover for financial loss that may occur if a civil authority limits access to an area after an incident and their actions prevent customers from reaching the insured’s premises.

Commercial Motor Fleet/Commercial Motor Vehicle/Private Motor Vehicle:
The minimum statutory level of cover under UK law provides cover in respect of legal liability to pay damages arising out of injury or death caused to any party by use of a motor vehicle and is known as a Road Traffic Act Only policy. A Third Party Only policy provides Act Only cover plus legal liability for damages to other persons property, whist a Third Party, Fire & Theft policy provides Third Party Only cover plus fire and/or theft only to a motor vehicle. The widest form of cover is a Comprehensive policy and provides Third Party Fire & Theft cover plus any other accidental or malicious damage, passenger liability, personal accident benefits, loss of personal effects and medical expenses cover and can also be extended to include various other areas of cover, for example, loss of use of a motor vehicle.

Contract Bonds including Performance, Maintenance and Retention Bonds:
There are many types of bonds. For example, a performance bond is a form of security provided by the insured, that is, a contractor to a third party and consists of an undertaking by the insurer to make a payment to the third party where the insured has defaulted under a contract. A retention bond is a form of security issued in lieu of monies held against the insured.

Contractors All Risks/Contract Works:
Cover can be provided on either a specific contract basis or via an annual basis covering all contracts. The completion date of a contract could be delayed or prolonged following damage to, for example, a new building being constructed. This type of policy provides compensation to a contractor in the event of there being damage to the construction works during the contract period from a wide range of perils.

Directors and Officers:
Covers directors and officers of the insured for negligent acts and for misleading statements that result in legal actions or suits against the insured.

Employers’ Liability:
A statutory requirement under UK law. Provides cover for the insured in the event of bodily injury to the insured’s employees or labour only sub-contractors due to the negligence of the insured.

Employment Practices Liability:
Covers the insured against employment claims bought by a past, present or prospective employee alleging any wrongful employment practice including discrimination and harassment.

Engineering including Beakdown and Inspection:
Covers damage, malfunction or breakdown to plant and machinery, for example, boilers, generators and other equipment, such as, air conditioning, electrical or heating units and computer systems. Can also provide cover for any statutory inspections of plant and machinery.

Fidelity Guarantees:
Protects the insured against loss of their assets including money caused by acts of dishonesty, fraud and theft by their employees.

Goods In Transit:
Covers property against damage or loss whilst in transit or stored during a journey.

Hired In Plant:
Covers damage, theft and liability to the owner of equipment, plant and machinery hired by the insured.

Insurance Backed Guarantees including Insolvency Guarantees:
A guarantee providing cover for the full contract value for repairs or replacements of the installation undertaken by the insured in the event that the insured has ceased to trade for financial reasons, such as, insolvency, liquidation or bankruptcy.

Latent Defects:
Provides cover for damage or the threat of damage caused by defective design, faulty workmanship or materials. Also provides cover for loss of rent or revenue caused by a latent defect.

Legal Expenses/Uninsured Loss Recovery:
Covers the cost of defending or pursuing civil actions and expenses that may have been incurred in a non-fault claim.

Professional Indemnity:
Covers the insured against any advice or design input that causes a third party to sustain a loss.

Property/Plant and Machinery/Stock and Contents:
Standard cover provides damage to the property insured caused by fire, lightning and explosion. The cover can be extended to cover special perils, such as, aircraft, burst pipes, earthquake, impact, malicious damage and theft, riot and civil commotion, storm, tempest and flood cover.

Public and Products Liability:
Provides cover for the insured in the event of bodily injury to a third party or damage to the property of a third party caused by the insured. Products Liability policies provide cover for the insured in the event of a claim made by a third party after using a product that has been altered, constructed, distributed, manufactured, repaired, serviced, sold, supplied or treated by the insured.

Covers losses and liabilities that might occur due to terrorist activities.

Covers problems associated with travelling including trip cancellation due to, for example, illness or lost luggage.

Trustees and Individuals Liability:
Covers the insured for claims bought against them for any breach of duty in their capacity as a trustee.


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